​Fiona Life (born Fiona Tan) is a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary and visionary woman. Her origins are a mix of Chinese, German, Dutch and Brazilian. She studied in Switzerland, France, Japan and the United States. Her interests are as wide as her background: fine art, healing, technology, spirituality, science, psychology, well-being, design.. To crystallize her vision she mixes her east and west heritage, point of views and techniques. After graduating from Parsons the New School for Design in 2006, she focused her attention in broadening her knowledge in the fields of energy, healing and well-being. She learned reiki, crystal healing and water science. She studied different philosophies and cultures. Utilizing her acquired knowledge, divine inspiration, unique diversified talents coupled with extraordinary vision she created a synergistic expression of energetic art.
Understanding nature and the human complexity  has always been one of her main focuses. With the years and experiences, the knowledge that every imbalance in the mind, body and environment is related to an energetic blockage which results from an anchor that creates disharmony. She focuses on Transformational works. She has been blessed with the unique ability to see through people, buildings etc.. and to know what is needed to transform and heal them. She uses different symbols, visuals and other embedded energies to clear those blockages. She can also alter some of her creations to accommodate any specific needs. Art as a way to heal is a different way to approach the concept of creation. Beauty, aesthetic, visual stimulation and healing properties are the composites. By changing people, environments and situations, we can attempt to get the full potential out of them and thus increasing the circumstances in which they happen.