Paul Fisher Gallery



Jordi Mollà’ channels as much passion and purpose into his artwork as he does with his acting. Expressive and bold, with overt and subtle messages married with a myriad of colors, Mollà transmits oceans of images from his minds’ eye to canvas, and a host of installations of a vast and varied nature. Although some of Mollà’s art may seem spontaneous and created in the bounds of a finite time frame, a great number of his sought-after works have taken the artist many years to complete. Mollà returns again and again to a piece, adding ideas, colors, feelings, and universes of experience in a new unit of time, thus enriching the artwork, bestowing it renewed breath and life. 

Mollà the auto-didact painter draws as much from the world around him as he does the world within him. The kaleidoscope of external tastes, textures, aromas, personalities, and experiences of the artist are processed and recreated in a manner that the person or culture for whom he is creating can readily find meaning in the artwork; not because it is simplistic, but because Mollà somehow finds a bridge on which to connect and communicate visually with his audience through multiple and different styles and techniques that takes him from abstract to pop, graffiti to hyper-realism. And this deference to the viewer has garnered Mollà a steadily growing and loyal pool of avid private collectors and celebrities including Johnny Depp, and Carolina Herrera Jr.

Selected exhibition locations: Picasso Mio, Sotheby’s, Brazilian Court & Cafe Boulud, Danieli Fine Art, Galeria Carmen de la Guerra (Madrid) –  London, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Barcelona, Valencia, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York.



“Masks” – An Art Basel Miami NFT

Masks are a form of ancient artistic expression and culture, going back thousands of years. Masks represent the many faces and complexities of humans socially. It’s not just that we think our true self is a sin or shameful, it’s just that there exists a different version of ourselves in each person’s mind that we encounter. In this project, Jordi explores layers and textures as he hand paints 100 physical masks.