His complete name is Prince Lorenzo Maria Raimondo De’ Medici in Campitelli di Calabria of the Princes of Viterbo, as the Medici merged with the Gatti Princes of Viterbo. Lorenzo De' Medici was born in the province of the City of Catanzaro, Italy, 38 years ago. He is a descendent of the famous Medici dynasty of Florence, therefore he feels committed to honor the tradition of culture and philanthropy established by his family during the Renaissance with their new way of thinking. To accomplish what he feels as his duty in addition to his artistic talent, he has found that through his art he offers to the viewers of today a modern way to discover and reveal the facts that made the legacy of the Medici family. Additionally to his successful artistic career, as a modern Prince, Lorenzo lived in Zimbabwe helping the poor and has participated in many television programs. Fluent in Italian, Spanish, Polish, English and Russian, he is an Historian, with a MBA in Fashion Design and Luxury Goods from Bologna University and an expert in Italian food. Prince Lorenzo is a Great Magister of the Knights Order of San Martino in Rome.

Art is his passion, and through it Lorenzo was able to merge two important determinant facts of his life: the cultural historical background inherited from his Medici ancestry, which he wishes to translate to Modernity, and his artistic creativity, which is his life's passion and main career. Lorenzo, as the artist of today, creates unique portraits of his ancestors to continue their vast cultural legacy. To define a main concept for his Pop Art Modern Medici Collection, he revisits the collection of portraits and engravings of his ancestors that he knew from childhood. An interesting photographical image portrays him as a child surrounded by his collection of original engravings. He depicts the Renaissance and reveals unknown facts related with his ancestors that are of interest for the viewers of today, bringing them to the language of POP Contemporary Art. Documented by the original family art collection that he owns in his Palace in Italy, these unique pieces were first created by Lorenzo in Florence and Rome. Now he is completing his collection working in the US. Each portrait has a certificate with biography and explanation of the secret symbol and emblem depicted in it. The artworks are mixed media on canvas cloth insert with acrylic paint. Lorenzo's mother, a renowned painter herself, was his first artistic mentor, whose teachings stand until today and have significantly influenced Lorenzo's artistic career. In order to give to these authentic images a 'new life' appropriate for our time, Lorenzo established three main aspects to be taken in consideration: the Keys of Interpretation, the Official Story and the Private Story. To assure a modern approach of these portraits and to enhance his POP style, Lorenzo De' Medici uses specific colors, making the figures depicted to vibrate under a new contemporary light, especially by using color and three dimensional precious elements related with each one of the portrayed characters. These colors are not used at random, as they indicate a precise meaning and might also suggest a situation solved at the time or that have to be solved in our time. As a member of the Medici family Prince Lorenzo De' Medici can afford to use and reinterpret the portraits of his ancestors that he owns, transforming their images in Contemporary pieces of Art to tell the viewer historical facts and interpretations, which only Lorenzo is allowed to do and reveal because of his intrinsic knowledge and rightfully descent.

Prince Lorenzo De' Medici uses a Gold color to represent the wealth of the family expressed in the background color of the Medici Emblem. The Red Medici color represents the Medici crest, their nobility symbol and specifically acknowledges ADN of the Medici blood running in their genes, represented in Lorenzo's portraits as a Red 'X', usually centered at the upper side of the garland surrounding the portrayed Medici character. The Red Medici also reflects their unique creative gene that has been inherited through the centuries. On some artworks Lorenzo uses a Turquoise color to point out a noble Lady, who was very gentile and elegant. Sometimes Lorenzo uses the authentic color originally adopted in the past, which then he transforms in a more vibrant and illuminated color to underline the rich brilliance of the portrayed character and to make a more attractive and pleasant experience for the contemporary viewer.

Collage is also an important component of Lorenzo's art that he profusely uses adding three dimensional key objects in his paintings, some antique and others contemporary, to stress the meaning of the artwork. Lorenzo's artistic beginnings were inspired by his friendship with Mimmo Rotella (1918-2006), an Italian world renowned POP painter also born in Catanzaro, like Lorenzo. Mimmo suggested several ideas to Lorenzo on how to develop his message through art by having an unlimited use of colors without the fear of exaggerating. Rotella was also a master of collage that is too a fundamental element in Lorenzo's creative inspiration. 



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