Picture : AU BORD DE LA RIVIERE URUGUAY 2.15 m x 2 m

First shown at the Salon Rothschild in Paris, and kept in the artist’s private collection, this work is an homage to Uruguay and the Charrúa Indians variously exterminated by Spanish colonialists and later vast landowners.

Picture: "Enfer Et Paradis" 82" x 76"

"La Realite Etle Miroir" 85"x 78"

Artist  >> Sergio Lopez

"Diables Et Diabless" 59"x 59"

"Erogeometrique 1" 48"x 48"

Picture: L’ERUPTION 2m x 2m

The first of works dedicated to the move across the Atlantic followed symbolized by Anubis representing rebirth.      


"Le Printemps De Belle" 78"x 59"


"Le Cote Sombre De Mia" 60"x 72"

"Erogeometrique 2" 48"x 48"

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1953 of a Spanish father and Russian mother, SERGIO LOPEZ very early on discovers an astonishing predisposition towards drawing and painting. Accepted to study art at the Beaux-Arts School of Montevideo, he shows and wins many excellence awards before the age of twenty.

 A political activist and under pressure from the then military regime, he leaves Uruguay for exile in Spain in 1973. Arriving in Madrid, he engages with and is influenced by the anti-fascist political, philosophical and literary writings of the times. Assimilated into a like-minded cadre of artists, his work reflects fascist brutality and anti-democratic sentiment. Unsurprisingly, less than two years later following his fourth show, his art is judged politically tendentious by the Franco dictatorship, and he is “courteously” asked to abandon Spain within the next 10 days.

 He crosses the border into France, and beckoned by the artistic and literary freedom of Paris, he arrives to the “City of Light” barely speaking French and with no means to support his painting. After three difficult years, he discovers scenery painting – in his own words “scenery is a painting with volume” –  and collaborates on decors for the Moulin Rouge and the Lido. By the early 80’s, he opens his own atelier and becomes one of the most sought out scenographers in Paris working with, amongst others: Peter Brook at the Theatre des Bouffes; Peter Ustinov at the Theatre de la Madelaine; Francis Lopez until his death in 1995; ballet and opera productions at Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille. Eclectic in scope, from music halls to theatre, ballet and opera, Atelier Sergio Lopez also produces scenography for EuroDisney, Holiday on Ice, Grand Ballet de Tahiti, and retrospectives such as the “40 Years of Christian Dior”. 

 During the years in France, Sergio Lopez’s art significantly changes moving away from early Latin American influences towards inspiration by the COBRA school and artists such as Alechinsky, Pollock, Klee, and Kandinsky. His work as a scenographer impacts his painting which explodes in volume and color.

 Self-described as a humanist, Sergio Lopez let’s his art speak for itself. Grand in scale and drawing on creation and mythology, the many figures represented in his paintings - whether drawn as half beast – half human hybrids or portraits of young women – all have a seductive narrative. A great admirer of Hermann Hesse, Sergio’s art explores the human condition in all its aesthetic with a perceptive sense of irony and self-awareness.

 Over the past 30 years, albeit when his work as scenographer permitted, Sergio’s art has been exhibited in a number of shows in Monte Carlo, Madrid, Paris, Montevideo and Frankfurt among others and hangs in private collections throughout Europe, South America and North America. His desire to once again dedicate himself exclusively to painting brings him to the U.S. where he will be opening a studio in the New York area this September. New and older work will be shown at the Baltimore Art, Antique and Jewelry Show in August; at Art Palm Beach and the Paul Fisher Gallery in January 2017; and in New York during Art Expo in April 2017.

FEATURED BY PAUL FISHER GALLERY at the Baltimore Art, Antique and Jewelry Show August 25 – 28, 2016.



Picture: "La Chute Et Les Te'moins" 60" x 72"

"La Chasse Au Chien Bicephale" 76"x 76"

"Le Reve De Guyunusa" 60"x 72"