Manolis’ paintings are an expression of the conflict between simplicity and complexity, starting every painting with a natural unstructured plan. He then keeps adding on, going further with each image. More often than not this process quickly leads to either a visual conflict, or worse yet, having already gone too far. When this occurs the visual conflict needs to be resolved. It is then that this resolution becomes a work of art unique to J. Steven Manolis.

Manolis’s works are masterfully created. As a student of renowned artist Wolf Khan, and a trustee of the Vermont Studio of Fine Art for many years, Manolis’s work evokes human emotion through an expression of color combinations that speak their own language.

“From the earliest moment I can recollect, I have experienced an unusually strong visual pull toward beauty, proportion, style, and color,” stated Manolis. “Wolf Kahn has taught me the dynamics and beauty of color and, most importantly, how color combinations and expression literally speaks their own narrative language, which when successful take the form of ‘evoking human emotion.’”

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