"As the daughter of a remarkable hat designer and the niece of an innovative high fashion designer, I was raised with a rarefied sense of form and aesthetics. I chose to study fashion design myself at FIT, but then realized my passion lay in pure sculpting of objects, creating sculptures of stone, clay and metal, rather than in working with fabric or even fashioning wearable art. I delved into alabaster and marble during the 1980's and 90's in both Italy and my Long Island studio, exhibiting this work in Manhattan and Miami. More recently, I have become intrigued by the possibilities and malleability of clay and have challenged myself with such thousand-year-old pottery techniques as hand-building and raku. I have worked with multiple firing and gunpowder and pit firing for different surface effects and properties. One of my favorite techniques is saggar firing, which is when the unfinished clay piece is placed into a container with chemicals, minerals (like copper sulfate or salt), and sawdust, then fired in a kiln, creating truly unique colors, without glaze.

I have long been fascinated by the power and subtleties of Japanese and Korean ceramics and have developed my own New Yorker's take on the Buddha, as well as adding such materials as metal, horsehair, beads and rope to my pots. I also experiment with various types of glazing, producing vivid hues and reflective metallic finishes. 

Synthesizing input from the great ancient civilizations of Italy and Asia, and also finding fulfilling fodder from being surrounded by so much extraordinary artistry in New York, I believe that these multi-faceted influences are like nutritious offerings that fuel my appetite, enabling me to explore my own art and find my voice, my center. For me, living in New York continues to inspire a sense of profound creative freedom."

Artist  >> Susan Kadish