Vincent Ricardel’s 30-year career has spanned across the editorial and commercial worlds of photography. He has created portraits of legendary artists and musicians, as well as business and political leaders. This collection of personal work represents his passion for fine art photography.   Vincent has been published worldwide and has a diverse client list. A recipient of numerous awards, Vincent’s images were featured at the Leica Store Gallery/Washington,DC for the debut of his 2016 show "Out There."   In 2011, a collection of his photos was featured in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit, “Guitar Heroes.” This exhibit was inspired by the book Ricardel co-authored with Rudy Pensa, Arch Top Guitars: The Journey from Cremona to New York for which he received GRAPHIS’ 2011 Best in Photography award.  Vincent has given numerous workshops on photography and also served as a board member of Positive Exposures, a non-profit organization that creates photographic media projects for charitable organizations.  He was also an adjunct professor at the Center of Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University from 2009-2015.  Vincent's portrait and commercial work can be viewed at: