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Jordi Mollà’ channels as much passion and purpose into his artwork as he does with his acting. Expressive and bold, with overt and subtle messages married with a myriad of colors, Mollà transmits oceans of images from his minds’ eye to canvas, and a host of installations of a vast and varied nature. Although some of Mollà’s art may seem spontaneous and created in the bounds of a finite time frame, a great number of his sought-after works have taken the artist many years to complete.

Mollà connects and communicates visually with his audience through a plethora of different styles and techniques that take him from abstract to pop, graffiti to hyper-realism. Mollà returns again and again to a piece, adding ideas, colors, feelings, and universes of experience in a new unit of time, thus enriching the artwork, bestowing it renewed breath and life.

This deference to both the art and viewer has garnered Mollà a steadily growing and loyal pool of avid private collectors and celebrities including Johnny Depp, and Carolina Herrera Jr.


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Molla’s series of over 200 original artworks capturing that many different emotions and states of mind are being previewed exclusively here, by invitation only. This groundbreaking series of generative NFTs created by Molla and produced by Krew Studios and Paul Fisher Gallery will be released in early 2023 at major art fairs and events internationally.

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