Keith Kattner chose the oil as his medium to capture the emotional thrust that he feels is lost in sketching. “It took me a considerable amount of effort to realize that the rules of art don’t always comply with the rules of science. I had to decide which set of rules would supersede the other,” says Dr. Kattner. His visions come from memory from his childhood, sometimes during young surfing days while living on the north shore of Oahu, listening to Jim Morrison.

Dr. Kattner gave up his lucrative profession as a neurosurgeon to pursue his passion as an artist. He is a self-taught artist who has invented a new application to painting “master your own self and follows your own instinct”. He has transferred his discipline of operating on carving nerve fibers to apply his trained hand into painting on canvas. That is by transferring the neurotransmitters to an artistic synapse. His unique style is painting realistic landscapes with a subtle fusion of the urban bucolic. His iconic landscapes with soft brushstrokes and multi-layered colors with warmed highlights defused lighting that gives you a pleasant sensation to look a bit deeper into the forest.

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