About Us and Our Mission

This site exists to serve and protect the parrot flock in Palm Beach. These magnificent birds are truly one of the great treasures of Palm Beach. Nearly extinct in their native habitat, this flock has been surviving here since the 1940’s. Here you will find news, pictures and learn about their history and importance. They are beloved in Palm Beach and it’s a real thrill to hear their voices as they fly. These birds are so amazing, they are among the smartest animals on earth, equal in intelligence to the great apes or dolphins. We are only now discovering how complex their social structures and how phenomenally sophisticated their communicative abilities are. It has been said that evolutionarily their brains are as advanced as ours were only 100,000 years ago. But they are endangered and need all the help they can get. I’ve talked to many people who all say the same thing “I love the Palm Beach Parrots! What’s their story and how can I help?” And thus this site was created. This is a fun information site, and the actual scientific and conservation work is done by the RSCF. The parrot family — Psittacidae — has a higher percentage of endangered species than any other bird family on Earth. The work done here for the Palm Beach Parrots has great value for parrot conservation efforts globally. Dr. Paul Reillo has pioneered and field tested methods, strategies and equipment here in Palm Beach that are directly applicable for use in other parrot conservation projects internationally. I’ve lived in this area for almost 30 years and I am an active supporter of wildlife. I recognize the RSCF as an exceptionally resourceful, talented, devoted, and most of all, highly effective force. I’ve donated my efforts and energies to supporting their heroic work as best I can and I hope you’ll help too.

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