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Judy Polstra is a self- taught artist who grew up surrounded by art, books, and sewing. Born in NewMexico in 1965, she grew up in North Canton, Ohio where her mother taught her hand embroidery basics at age 7. Her mother was both a seamstress and an oil painter who inspired her daughter to create from a very young age. While Judy received her BA in business studies with a specialty in Fashion Merchandising, she never lost her passion for the arts. A classical pianist as well, her focus in art was drawing and painting. Judy transitioned into mixed media sculptures and installations in her forties and has exhibited and been collected throughout the United States, Italy, and Australia. Polstra n ow dedicates her artistry to her hand embroidery roots. Judy embroiders almost exclusively on vintage textiles, many of which were inherited from her mother and grandmothers. Fans of Judy’s works often gift her with vintage textiles from their own families. Polstra uses embroidery to stitch political statements, as well as personal confessions and observations. Polstra recently began to incorporate found photos into her embroidery. A recent article stated that “Polstra’s work looks quaint from afar, but both terrorizes and amuses upon close inspection”. Judy refuses to believe that hand embroidery (historically considered “women’s work”) is any less valid a form of art than any other art medium.