Paul Fisher Gallery



The central concept isn’t contained by the surface or borders of the wall or the canvas, that is the portal that draws you art is a visual language and Stacey Mandell’s art is language made visible, art that speaks to you.  Stacey Mandell’s art lives in the pantheon of great word artists, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha, Tracey Emin, and like some of those, her ideas and aesthetic flows across several media from paintings to installations.  This is work that is deep and multi-layered.  But if you never get past the surface, you’ll have a very pleasurable visual experience.  The pictures are wonderfully composed, balanced in color and form, clear and bold. You can tell there is more going on, that each detail is highly considered and composed. There is most definitely order and logic to this. As you explore deeper, you discover that there is a narrative, an idea, a moment of history or an expression of mind and emotion that cannot be contained just within words or pictures. She touches on important issues of the human condition, and her work is overwhelmingly positive.

Like many great artists, this her second act, the business career path behind her, she arrived as an artist as a fully formed, experienced person with a strong desire to create and communicate. A strong work ethic combined with a fiery motivation and inspiration has propelled her in just a couple of years from a novice to an accomplished artist that has already been in numerous exhibitions and has received strong critical attention.